Corrafeckloch Forest Cottages
Corrafeckloch Forest Cottages

Regular Sightings

Just some of our frequent visitors around the cottage, if you love nature you will not be dissapointed. An abundance of Animals, Insects, Bird life and fauna await. Thoughout the seasons the wildlife and surroundings change dramatically so repeat visitors always have something fresh to see and hear and new memories to forge.    

Barn Owl

Frequently seen flying over the meadow and roosting in the barn, haunting screech can be heard most evenings.


Frequently seen early evenings or a dawn, can be heard on a quiet night barking in the distance..


Often hearding hammering away in the trees, can be seen daily over the meadow



Seen twice through 2020, siting in the large pine trees over looking the Lochen - Watching the trout we suspect as they migrate through the area.

Pine Martin

This cheeky visitor is partial to fresh eggs and the odd jam sandwich, often seen early evening.



Various Insects

An abundance of Butterflies, moths, dragonflies and other insects are present throughout the changing seasons.


Various Reptiles

Throughout the changing seasons a number of reptiles and amphibians can be spotted, from common frogs and toads to newts and lizards, you may also be lucky encounter the rare Adder.



At least eight of these adorable animals live around the cottage and can be seen and heard in Autumnal months rustling through the fallen leaves.

Tawny Owls

Regular visitors to the cottage, can been seen at dusk and heard throughout the night.

Red Deer 

Common sight around the cottage and can be seen in numbers at times of the year.



Sighting becoming more common around the cottage, loves swooping through the trees before perching and lying in wait for prey


Shy elusive mammals, present around the Burn and Lochen but only the lucky & patient may catch a glimpse of them. 

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